Java Course 1998-2001 
Directory of Sample Applets
Simple Applet 1
 Paints text on a white background.
Simple Applet 2
 Paints text and various colored shapes.
Simple Applet 3
Paints different fonts and centers text in window.
Simple Applet 4
 Simple Applet 3, using arrays, for-loops, and conditionals.
Simple Applet 5
 Paints random color boxes, using nested for-loops.
Simple Applet 6
 Paints colored spots in response to mouseDown events (clicks).
Simple Applet 7
 Paints lines in response to mouseDrag or mouseUp events.
Simple Applet 8
 Creates a FlowLayout of GUI buttons, and uses action events.
Simple Applet 9
 Creates a GridLayout with a color Canvas and 2 GUI Panels.
Simple Applet 10
 Creates a GridLayout with buttons, a color Canvas, and 2 GUI Panels (uses 1.1 AWT).
Simple Applet 11
 Creates a version of Simple Applet 10 using the more general GridBagLayout.
Simple Applet 12
 Extends Simple Applet 11 to include a ScrollPane Canvas with a scrollable image.
 Student Assignments Sp'98
 Student Assignments Fa'98
 Student Assignments Sp 2K
Animator Applet 1
 Displays the frame numbers using minimal animation code, though with some flickering.
Animator Applet 2
 Displays an animated version of Simple Applet 5, though with some flashing and/or crawling.
Animator Applet 3
 Animator Applet 2, using double buffering to eliminate flashing and/or crawling.
Animator Applet 4
Displays a moving checkerboard, using double buffering. 
Animator Applet 5
 Preloads, displays, and moves images (Duke waving).
Animator Applet 6
 Lost in Space?
Animator Applet 7
 ISO News Applet.
Animator Applet 8
 Permission to draw lines?
Animator Applet 9
 Sangaku: Temple Geometry.
Animator Applet 10
 CKM Mathlet: Reflecting Power Functions. 
Animator Applet 11
 CKM Mathlet: Tangent Intercept Functions.
Animator Applet 12
 CKM Mathlet: Velocity and Acceleration.