Java Course Spring Semester 
Student Website Evaluation Rubric
Level 1 
 Level 2 
Level 3
Level 4
 Level 5
 Development Process & Skills
bringing up web page within a browser or HTML  composer.
 Text for web page entered into word processor or HTML composer. 
 Browser view
of web page partially achieves desired goals.
 Browser revision of web page substantially achieves desired goals.
  Understanding of essential stages of development process  evident. 
Thinking & Writing
 Difficult to understand, spelling and other errors.
 Coherent line of thought, but still has various errors.
 Very clear with correct spelling, but still has one or two minor errors. 
 Very clear with correct spelling, and completely error-free. 
 Very clear, concise, and well-written.
   Layout & HTML Skills
 Text is not divided into paragraphs, and
headings are not used.
 Paragraphs and headings are used, but no other tags.
 Headings label sections and paragraphs, creating a consistent hierarchy.
 Headings, styles, text, images, and links are used appropriately on each page.
 Page-to-page appropriate use of lists, color, backgrounds, return links, images, etc.
 Java Applet Development & Integration 
 No applets displayed.
 One or two simple applets used, displaying text and/or colored shapes.
 Animation applets used, involving changing or scrolling text, shapes or colors. 
 Animation applets used, involving both Level 3 features and changing and/or moving images.
 Both Level 4 animation applets used and interactive applets with fully developed GUI  features.
   Aesthetics, Design Theme & Content
 No apparent design theme supporting the web page content.
 Intentional design theme, however, it is cluttered,  confusing, and detracts from the overall understanding of the content. 
 Design theme supporting the overall understanding of the content, but text is hard to read due to color choices and/or backgrounds.
 Design theme which nicely contributes to the overall understanding of the content on each page individually, but inconsistent page-to-page.
 Design theme which strongly supports the understanding of the content through a very comfortable page-to-page viewing experience. 
Level 1
 Level 2
 Level 3
 Level 4
 Level 5