Interactive MathVision
Interactive MathVision is a small, nonprofit company whose mission is the development of interactive, educational software attempting to use visual representation and reasoning as the primary mode of presenting and developing mathematical and scientific concepts. 

Current products include two hardcopy workbooks and CD-ROM for a completely computer-based, interactive text, Calculus for Kinetic Modeling, which has been developed in order to ensure that life science students will find this material appealing and useful.  This is in contrast to common approaches to precalculus and calculus, which often overemphasize theory at the expense of not introducing significant applications. A web-based version is currently under development and can be viewed at Calculus for Kinetic Modeling.

For more details on this approach, see my Teaching Portfolio, and for information on how to acquire a copy of these materials, contact John Pais by electronic mail at


Interactive MathVision's new product development is currently focused on creating interactive, web-based mathematics and science materials. As these products become available, samples will be posted on this website (e.g. see above). Also, here is a recent article on intuition and visualization:
 Intuiting Mathematical Objects Using Diagrams and Kinetigrams

To see examples of how a website may be easily developed to produce a very useful informational quiz, visit John & Mark's Shito-Ryu Terminology Quiz and John & Mark's Shorin-Ryu History Quiz.


For additional information, please contact:

John Pais, Ph.D. 
Instructional Designer 
Interactive MathVision